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472 Southland Drive
Lexington, KY, 40503
United States

(859) 338-0801

Roasting small batches of coffee to maximize each beans flavor profile and biking the city on Arabica the coffee trike with bright smooth cups of coffee ever time!

Our Company

Create.   Love.   Serve.

   ~Create an atmosphere and product that brings joy to those who experience them.

   ~Love the craft of roasting and brewing and share that passion with others.

   ~Serve our families, comunity, the global coffee industry and our customers with quality and ethics. 



The coffee industry is made up of so many businesses small and large. Countless lives are affected by and apart of making each cup of coffee across the world. I wanted to be apart of that chain in some way. Roasting seemed the perfect fit to accommodate my family and yet make a difference(no matter how small) in this beautiful industry.  My goal for Cherry Seed is to provide a quality product that can bring you a bit of joy with every sip.
We have joined the Specialty Coffee Association of America to connect with other passionate coffee drinkers and to grow in knowledge about the coffee industry. As we grow we will be connecting with local and international organizations that work at growing communities, lives and the sustainability of coffee. 
Thank you for checking us out! If you want more information or have questions feel free to connect!
~~Lacey (owner/roaster)