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472 Southland Drive
Lexington, KY, 40503
United States

(859) 338-0801

Roasting small batches of coffee to maximize each beans flavor profile and biking the city on Arabica the coffee trike with bright smooth cups of coffee ever time!

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Bright. Bold. Smooth

green coffee

~All our coffees are roasted to bring out the bold flavor each green coffee bean holds. So purchasing coffee that has been diligently grown with a high cupping score is important to us. But along with taste we seek ethically grown coffee purchased through importers who take the time to connect with and educate the coffee farmers. Some of our coffees are purchased through coops, or washing stations. Others through the same farms that we know grow a similar lot each year. We want to help support all those working hard to sustain the coffee industry and have quality and ethically grown beans. ~